July 30, 2009


Two month ago I tried Ubuntu Linux on my desktop, I realy didn't install it on my computer I used WUBI which installs Ubuntu on Windows. I fell in love immediately, a week later i installed it on my laptop, this time in a separaet partiton, at the begging I was a little bit nerves that it wan't work. It went smooth, and evrything went as plan.
The first thing I did is read
Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference which you can download in PDF or by here, this is a basic guide to help you understand how things work in Ubuntu.
It wasn't enough so I bought
Ubuntu Kung Fu, this book shows you nice tricks and hacks that you can do in Ubuntu, the next book that I want to buy is Ubuntu Unleashed .
Finaly if you fall in love with Ubuntu the way I did, you sould now htat if you get in to any problem the
Ubuntu support is amazing there are tones of people who would help you in any problem. There is also a nice magazine which comes out once a month, on the last friday of the month, it's called Full Circle Magazine or FCM.

Google, Microsoft & Yahoo....

It's all about choice, for anyone of those big companies there are alternatives. For search engines, for operating system, e-mail and there's more......

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