July 31, 2010

WOW !!!

I just bumped into this video and all I could think is WOW !!!

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July 28, 2010

Five Blogs I read daily

Hear are five blogs I read on a daily base, I subscribed to them on Google Reader but I still prefer reading directly from the blog it self , and here they are.

    Lifehacker, was launched on January 2005 it features tips and downloads on getting things done easily and smarter. One of the things that I really like about Lifehacker is that the posts are written not only for Windows users but also for other O.S. users like Mac and  Linux users mainly Ubuntu. Their tips are always interesting even those that I know I wan't use like tips regarding Mac O.S., When I have a problem with my computer, my E-mail or when I need information about some thing, one of the first places I'l lookup is Lifehacker. Lifehacker has more them 61,000 followers on Twitter.

WebUpd8 the blog every Linux user must visit specially if you use Ubuntu.  It has the latest news regarding Linux and the Web, it brings tips and trick for Linux. Most of the applications I run on Ubuntu, I read a review  about them there, when I have a problem with an application I'l first look there, it has A large list of PPA (personal package archive) which is always useful. In my humble opinion one of the best Ubuntu blogs. It has more then 11,000 followers on Twitter.

OMG! UBUNTU  The second Linux blog I read, this one is for Ubuntu only, it brings new, updates, reviews, themes and more on Ubuntu. It was launched on  August 2009 and since then they have 12,000 RSS subscribers, 4,000 Twitter followers and 3,000 fans on Facebook. It also has a store to support it self.

makeuseof.com , as it's name is, you can make a lot of useful things with this blog. You can read there a bunch full of tips and tricks regarding all operating systems, the web and all kind of applications for all platforms. The grate's thing about makeuseof.com are there guides and cheat sheets some of them are very comprehensive and can be compared to a small book on the subject, and here it's free. Here is their guide for Ubuntu Karmic Kuala , 54 pages! It was launched on July 2006 and has 200,000 RSS subscribers  and more then 15,000 followers on Twitter.

    How-To-Geek   was launched on October 2006 it has a large number of "How to-" articles, a forum and you can always send an E-mail. but after all those hours reading about computers, the web and the digital world you also need some fun, here come How-To-Geek's geeky stuff, like the poll on who's a better starship captain Kirk or Picard. Also it has more then 11,000 followers on Twitter.    

Well that's my small list, I'd love to here about more blogs that write about the same subjects, leave me a comment below. And by the way Picard is far more better the Kirk...

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July 27, 2010

Is Firefox becoming IE ?

Iv'e been using Firefox for last five Years,for the last two month Iv'e been using Chrome more and more until it became the default browser . Both of those browsers Firefox and Chrome are installed on my machine and don't get me wrong I have allot of respect for Firefox. Five years ago there was no real alternative for IE, at least on Windows Firefox was the only safe browser and Iv'e been using it  since then and of course since I started using Ubuntu Iv'e used Firefox. 
Lately something went bad at Mozilla, Firefox takes allot of time to start, the number of crashes is increasing and installing extensions became a big problem. In the meantime Chrome has started to gain more and more fans, It has almost the same extensions as Firefox and it's faster, so why not ?   
In January 2009 Firefox passed IE and it's peek number of users was in July 2009 but since then the number of users is going down. Firefox is still the most common browser, but one can remember that once was IE. IE is still the fastest looser of users mainly to Chrome but also Firefox (check the numbers here).
Since I had to add something graphic or a picture I add a graph I mad on Google Docs (I like to test it once in a while, It's getting better, but that's not enough for me) . back to the graph, the graph is made to January - June 2010, IE includes IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8. You can see that IE is loosing very fast to Chrome but Firefox is also starting to loose, is starting to loose users, will Firefox end up like IE ?

Browsers Usage (January - June 2010)

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