August 31, 2009


Since keeping track of things I like on the web is getting harder and harder, I found some tools that could help me. The most trivial and commen is RSS feeds, there are some desktop apps such as Thunderbird or FeedDemon (on Windows) the can read feeds, I prefer a web app once I used NewsGator this days I use Google Reader.
Another way of following things on the web is following people on Twitter who have the same interests that you have. Two more social media ways are Stumble Upon And Digg.
Last week I found out of a new way of keeping track of thing I like, it's called LazyFeed, I just tell it what am interested at and the service finds things for me, things I liked I can save, share on Twitter, Facebook or mail a friend.

August 11, 2009

Flock, Shame on you

Flock is one of the open source browsers it uses the Mozilla public license, you would accept that an open source browser would be more friendlier to open source operating system users, like Ubuntu which I use. This is what I got when I downloaded flock today.

Until now everything is cool, but look what happens when the download begins.

A Linux file can start download, but all Installing information is for Windows.
What kind of open source is this ?

August 10, 2009

Is Apple becoming Microsoft

Is Apple becoming Microsoft (or should I call it M$). No doubt Microsoft's designs are no match for Apple's , nor are most of there products specially Windows Vista. All that matters is money. Until now Apple had tried to keep away from the image of a big and money hungry corporation, but apparently they can't hide forever .All big software companies are interested in one bottom line MONEY and everything that is related to money, like P.R. Lately Apple is getting more and more to Microsoft, products are sold with defects , reminds me of some of Microsoft's operating systems. Apple is behaving like a monopoly by preventing from other companies to develop applications to it's products, the same way Microsoft is doing by changing it's office format every tree years, this way no one can develop an alternative office suit. It doesn't let other devices use it's services, and the most amazing, they want unhappy customers to shut up !!!
May be all big companies behave this way, it doesn't mean it's right, there should always be an alternative, in the case operating systems there is Linux

August 1, 2009

My Firefox Extensions

  1. Gmail manager - So I cam manage my Gmail.
  2. Google Reader Notifier - So can manage RSS feeds.
  3. Drag & - Because I work with more then one computer and two operating systems, this is a easy way for moving files around.
  4. Shareholic - The easiest way for sharing bookmarks on Delicious & Digg.
  5. qtl - The best dictionary you can find.
  6. Smart Bookmarks Bar - Saves me a lot of space on the bookmarks bar.
  7. StumbleUpon - A great way for waisting time, having fun & discovering new things.
  8. Foxy URL - Good for twitting links.
  9. Google Gears - So I can access my mail and calender when i'm offline.
  10. Google Redesigned - It just looks better this way.
  11. Twitter Fox - So I can follow Twitter.
  12. Undo Closed Tab Button - Saved more then once.
  13. WiseStamp - So I can edit my Gmail signature with HTML.
  14. Yahoo Mail Notifir - To keep track of my Yahoo mail.
  15. Colorful Tabs - Makes life easier.
  16. Customize Google - Makes searching easier.
  17. Fox Clocks - For keeping track of time around the world.
  18. ScribeFire - Makes writing a post so easy, you can even do it offline.
  19. Google Bookmarks for Foirefox - Makes it easy to access my Google bookmarks.
  20. Taboo - For reading things later.
  21. Locator - For locating any address on Google maps.
  22. New Tab King - for opening new tabs.
On Ubuntu

  1. Ubuntu Firefox Modifications - Allows me to install Firefox add-ons through the Ubuntu package manager, it comes already installed.
On Windows

  1. IE Tab - Unfortunately there are sites that still don't work on Firefox.
  2. AVG Safe Search - Protects my computer.
If anyone uses any useful or interesting extensions I would love to hear about it, please live me a comment.

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