September 29, 2009


Four days ago we just came back from Georgia. I've been traveling a lot and I must say that Georgia is one of the most lovely place. Here are some pictures I took.

September 4, 2009

My quest after a Ubuntu blogging client

Those of you who've been following my twitter may have noticed I've been looking for a good blogging client for Ubuntu. I've tried scribe, an extension for firefox, but it made a lot for problems when I published, some times it just crashed, some times the design changed (font size etc') and I had problems every time I wanted to add a picture or embed a video.
Yesterday thanks to LazyFeed I discovered Bilbo Blogger, I must say it looked very promising, since all the other clients haven't been updated since 2004 or 2005, like BloGTK. I installed it, and went on to configure it, already while configuring the problems started, I have two blogs, it couldn't distinguish between the two, it showed one blog and published a post on the second blog. There is a side bar to see the last posts on the blog that doesn't quiet work, while writing the editor stops responding for a few seconds and some times the client just crashes.
But to finish with a face forward this is a very good sign, for the beginning it means that some one is aware to the problem and is working to solve it, the design is quiet good and intuitive so Bilbo Blogger is on the right path and hope fully those problems will be solve and maybe more people will take on the challenge of developing a good and easy to use blogging client for Ubuntu
Until then, while working off line I'll continue writing my posts on OpenOffice Writer.

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