August 1, 2009

My Firefox Extensions

  1. Gmail manager - So I cam manage my Gmail.
  2. Google Reader Notifier - So can manage RSS feeds.
  3. Drag & - Because I work with more then one computer and two operating systems, this is a easy way for moving files around.
  4. Shareholic - The easiest way for sharing bookmarks on Delicious & Digg.
  5. qtl - The best dictionary you can find.
  6. Smart Bookmarks Bar - Saves me a lot of space on the bookmarks bar.
  7. StumbleUpon - A great way for waisting time, having fun & discovering new things.
  8. Foxy URL - Good for twitting links.
  9. Google Gears - So I can access my mail and calender when i'm offline.
  10. Google Redesigned - It just looks better this way.
  11. Twitter Fox - So I can follow Twitter.
  12. Undo Closed Tab Button - Saved more then once.
  13. WiseStamp - So I can edit my Gmail signature with HTML.
  14. Yahoo Mail Notifir - To keep track of my Yahoo mail.
  15. Colorful Tabs - Makes life easier.
  16. Customize Google - Makes searching easier.
  17. Fox Clocks - For keeping track of time around the world.
  18. ScribeFire - Makes writing a post so easy, you can even do it offline.
  19. Google Bookmarks for Foirefox - Makes it easy to access my Google bookmarks.
  20. Taboo - For reading things later.
  21. Locator - For locating any address on Google maps.
  22. New Tab King - for opening new tabs.
On Ubuntu

  1. Ubuntu Firefox Modifications - Allows me to install Firefox add-ons through the Ubuntu package manager, it comes already installed.
On Windows

  1. IE Tab - Unfortunately there are sites that still don't work on Firefox.
  2. AVG Safe Search - Protects my computer.
If anyone uses any useful or interesting extensions I would love to hear about it, please live me a comment.


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